For Racing only

The international version of the Airstream has been optimized for race use. It has been designed to be carefree and will withstand even the roughest ride off-road. The light has multiple uses and can be installed on all handlebar diametres and centrally on many stems. The Airstream can be combined with the road legar Airstream Tail Light 2. This combination is still not road legal in Germany, but it is ideal for 24-hour-races.

The Supernova Terraflux lens used in the Airstream spreads out a wide, far-reaching carpet of light in front of the rider. This technological core piece guides 90% of the light towards the ground where it is needed the most. The efficiency of the lens is so good that one can even ride a bicycle at a dimmed-down setting with up to 24 hours burn time.

Lumen measured warm 260 Lumen*
Leuchtdauer 2.5 - 24 h
Lens type Terraflux 2
Illuminant CREE LED
Length x diameter 105 x 40 mm
Material 6061 Aluminium
Weight 165 g
* Information on the measurement method

"It makes an awesome helmet mounted light…you have achieved exactly the right balance between run time, brightness and weight! Apart from the stunning machining, the most impressive aspect of the light is the optics…the rectangular spread of light is perfect for riding in the lanes."

Andy Blance, Designer at Thorn Cycles, UK

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