INFINITY S - sometimes size matters

Infinity S Multicolour

The Infinity S is an efficient and robust endurance runner that can even claim to be the fastest dynamo circumnavigating the earth in the first official bicycle race in 2012. It is very inconspicuous thanks to its sleek, elegant housing. Our efficient Solo Magnet Technology makes it more powerful than most other dynamos avail- able. The perfect choice for long distance cyclists, looking great and rolling well in any road bike wheel and a reliable companion on all trips around the world.

Infinity S
Infinity S details


The dynamic design follows the powerful lines of the central high-performance magnet and gives the Infinity S its very distinctive shape. This is a strong partner for all Supernova lights or - in combination with “The Plug” USB power supply - for your mobile electronics device.

Weight 399 g
Width 100 mm
Flange height 66 mm
Housing material Forged Al6061
Magnet 26-Pole NdFeB N53
Bearings 6000 TPI, low friction, triple sealed
Axle Hollow axle
Connectors Gold plated
Spoke holes 32
Disc-brake mount Shimano center lock *
Colours 8 colours

*center lock rotor mounting system licensed by Shimano