Airstream 2

Unser Stern am Firmament ist die hellste StVZO zugelassene Akku Fahrradbeleuchtung der Welt.

Our reliable test winner

There are three things a front light needs to do: firstly, to provide bright illumination for safety and visibility, secondly, to be waterproof for use in all weather conditions, and thirdly, to be extremly resilient so you are not suddenly left in the dark. Isn´t it brilliant that the Airstream can do all of the above?


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SEE and Be SeeN

Der Airstream 2 ist einer der hellsten StVZO zugelassenen LED Fahrradscheinwerfer der Welt. Die vierte Leuchtstufe mit 14 Stunden Leuchtdauer hält die ganze Nacht durch.

205 Lumen


Battery Capacity 

The Airstream 2 has highest-quality Lithium-Ion batteries, which make the great burn time possible. A new 4th brightness setting has 14 hours burn time and can guide you right through the night.

14h                7h

  Level 4         Level 3

3.5  h

Level 2

2.5 h 

Level 1

aerospace quality 

The Airstream 2 is made of anodized and corrosion-resistant aluminum, that is used in the airplane industry. This material is saltwater resistant and extremely scratch-proof combined with an unbelievable lightness.

6061 cnc


Heat control

Twenty cooling fins are arranged in line with the incoming air stream, forming the ideal design for the dissipation of unwanted heat from the LEDs. These fins increase the surface area by as much as three times.

Product details 

205 lm
Burn time 
2.5 - 7 h (3 dim-modes)
2 Years
L x w x h
108 x 41 x 49 mm
Lens type
Terraflux 2
Weight & Material
165 g / 6061 Aluminium

MountINg Options 

With different mounting brackets, the Airstream 2 can be adapted to your requirements. The handlebar mount can be installed and removed within seconds, thanks to the O-ring attachment while the helmet mount gives you a great off-road illumination. The quick release mount turns your Airstream into a flashlight at the flip of a lever. It’s your choice!


Feste Montage an der Gabel mit Schnellspanner, mit M6 Gewinde.

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UniversAl Lenkerhalter

Mit Spannring für 25.4 - 31.8mm Lenker und Vorbauten.

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Airstream helmet mount

2-axis adjustable mounting adapter. Ideal position for the Airstream's shaped Terraflux 2 beam.

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Universal HBM

Für eine mittige Montage am Lenker mit innovativer geteilter Klemmschelle.

Demnächst erhältlich

AirstrEam Tail Light 2

The 18 g Airstream Tail Light 2 is waterproof and draws its energy from the front light- therefore, it doesn't need to be charged itself and is extremely small. 

Airstream Tail Light 2 details 

THE Supernova Airstream 2

The Airstream 2 is delivered in a metal box, complete with charger and handlebar mounting accessories. 

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