E3 Triple 2

Only daylight is brighter

Your light to the Finish line

Der E3 Triple 2 ist mit Abstand unser hellster Dynamo-Scheinwerfer. Kaum zu glauben, dass ein so leichtes, akkufreies Lichtsystem so viel Licht produzieren kann. Das Geheimnis: Drei gut gekühlte Power Hochleistungs-LEDs, die unermüdlich daran arbeiten die Nacht zum Tag zu machen. Der E3 Triple 2 wurde speziell für Radrennen bei Dunkelheit entwickelt. 

Race tested

The E3 TRIPLE 2 was specially developed for bike races. We are especially proud of the fact that Ralf Berner, six-time German MTB champion, uses the Triple and so does the team Storck which has won three out of three races this year while using Supernova lights. In addition, Bart Brentjens, Olympic gold medal winner, and his 4-man team used a Triple at the prestigious 24h race of the Nürburgring in Germany – and they won. Last but not least, Kristof Allegaert, who won the Transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul twice also used the E3 TRIPLE 2.

ProduCt details

Brightness & Power Consumption
640 Lumen (measured warm), 4.5 W
Input Voltage
6 V AC Dynamo
Material & Weight
6061 Aluminum, 125 g
L x W x H
 69 x 40 x 40 mm
Lens Type & Stand liGht
Terraflux 2, 5 Minuten
5 years

E3 Tail Light 2

For many years it was not possible to build a rear light with such small dimensions and such brightness that is road legal in Germany. The dazzling bright light of these precious gems guided by the clever Twin Beam Technology provides the best possible safety.

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