A lightweight hub dynamo like the Infintiy S only weighs some 200 g more than a front hub. A high-quality battery with a 4-hour burn time will add the same weight to your bike. /p>


Each part is made from rugged CNC-machined and anodized aluminium. The lamp housings are water- proof and the dynamo hubs with heavy-duty bearings are triple sealed. The high quality materials and high- est production standards give all Supernova products a long life span.


A Supernova dynamo lighting system is often brighter than many battery-powered lights. Perfectly cooled LEDs work with highest efficiency. You can even have fun off road.

Ecological and economical !

The electronics of Supernova dynamo lights uses the energy provided by dynamo with very high efficiency. The complete system is much cheaper and ecological than any battery-powered system in the long run.

Be prepared!

Dynamo lighting systems are ready for use any time you need them, without limitations. You never need to charge it and your trip can be extended as long as you like. All Supernova lighting systems are also perfectly equipped for non-stop use, if you like to run your lights during the day as well.