n 2013, our LED manufacturer has changed its LED reference values: instead of a measurement related to 25° C chip temperature it is now referring to 85°C. Therefore, we have also adjusted our values in this year’s measurements to remain comparable. This means that the lumen-values may be lower for some lights in spite of the fact that they have actually become15-40% brighter than their predecessors because of improved LED efficiency. With a cool wind the real-life values can again be higher than those in the tables. Not every manufacturer establishes lumen values under the same conditions and therefore it happens very often that lights that are weaker in reality are given lumen values that are too high. This means that lumen values of different brands can often not be compared. Only a direct comparison - at least of beam shapes - and if possible in real life conditions is truly valid.

Lichtmessung in der Ulbrichtkugel