1) Rugged, repairable aluminium housing

The rugged aluminium housing does not only look good, but also withstands even serious crashes on hard ground. In the worst case, every single part of the housing can be replaced.

2) Salt water resistant housing

The aluminium housing and the mounting brackets of the E3 are anodized to make them corrosion-resistant. Since scratches cannot be avoided during the long lifetime of an E3, we have also used a corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminium alloy.

3) Optimized cooling

Cooling the LED emitter is one of the most important functions of the lamp housing. Only a well-cooled LED works with optimal efficiency and reaches its full brightness. The 65 x 40 x 40 mm housing of the E3 is very small, but the cooling fins increase the surface area by 20% to 8500 mm². Even the small airstream when riding slowly greatly increases the cooling. A smooth surface profits far less from this effect.

4) Full-length two-core wiring

The two-core wiring all the way ensures a safe, loss-free power transfer and top performance. Additionally, the entire two-core wire is protected by a shrink tube.

5) Rugged push-button switch

The compact push-button switch is practically undamageable in a crash and cannot be stolen.

E3 PRO 2