M99 Taillight 

Das höchste Maß an Integration 

Brake light, Tail Light and License Plate Light

This is the first tail light with an integrated brake light and license plate illumination! These lights are required for gaining official approval for S-Pedelecs. This new tail light generation integrates everything into a minimalistic, waterproof aluminum housing that can be elegantly integrated with the bike.

Höchstes Mass an Integration

Fünf hocheffiziente LEDs mit Supernova-eigener Dual Beam Technologie machen das S-Pedelec von weitem und von der Seite gut sichtbar. Das Bremslicht erstrahlt mit 5-facher Helligkeit eines Standardrücklichtes, verbraucht selbst dabei nur 0,9 Watt und warnt den folgenden Verkehr zuverlässig. Die homogene Kennzeichenbeleuchtung ist praktisch unsichtbar in die Unterseite des eleganten Gehäuses integriert.

25  g


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Alle Supernova Rücklichter sind mit der Twin Beam Technologie ausgestattet. Hierbei werden zwei verschiedene Abstrahlwinkel miteinander kombiniert. Durch diese Technologie ist das Rücklicht besonders effizient und es wird gesamte Gefahrenbereich hell ausgeleuchtet.


Product details

  • Housing material6061 Aluminium
  • Weight25 g
  • Größe (L x W x H)22 x 61.5 x 11.6 mm
  • Power levels 6 V version0.6 W / 1.1 W (brake light)
  • Power levels 12 V version0.4 W / 0.9 W (brake light)
  • Licence plate illuminationWhite SMD LEDs
  • Signalling LEDs5 red Power LEDs
  • Installation 50mm distance / M4 thread
  • Waterproof levelIP67
  • Compliance ECE 50 for L1e
  • Input voltage6 V-version & 12 V-version
  • Connection3-pole



The M99 PURE offers a 500-lumen low beam that is much brighter than all previous lights. It is compatible with many current drive systems.

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Connected to 12C DC, the M99 PURE+ offers full power of the 1100 low beam of an M99PRO and the same daytime running signature light, without the high beam feature.

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The M99 PRO has a brilliant 1600-lumen automotive-certified high beam as well as an ECE compliant low beam with 1100-lumen brightness. The ECE compliant automotive daytime running light enhances safety in traffic by providing recognition as an equal road user.

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L1E Universal Legal Kit

This is the very first universal solution for all EU license plate sizes! The L1e kit is capable of holding all license plate size variations. The two parts can be adjusted in height, which makes it possible for manufacturers to use one single holder on any S-Pedelec sold anywhere in Europe. License plates of different sizes can be installed easily with the help of the laser etched markings, ensuring the license plates are always correctly illuminated. The ECE-compliant tail light with integrated license plate illumination and brake light, as well as the red reflector are placed in an optimal position. The L1e Universal Legal Kit can be used on many current fender sizes.