Queen of the desert

The Race Across the West is a non-stop road race where the participants start from Oceanside in California and end in Durango, Colorado. They ride 1,390 km through California, Arizona, Utah and Colorado, which leads them through two deserts. They have to climb more than 14,000 meters.

Danish rider Eva Synnestvedt Hansen who prepared for this race for 2.5 years and who lives and trains in Freiburg, Germany not far from the Supernova HQ won this long distance race within the female overall category with a clear lead after 3 days and 4 hours, supported by a small but highly dedicated team of 3 helpers. Due to the enormous heat, the race was so tough this year that 2/3rds of all racers had to give up. Sprayed with cooling water every 500m by her tireless supporters, Eva did so well in the desert that she received the “Queen of the Desert” award.

Eva lost approximately 3 kilos during the race. She drank 8.5 liters per day.

Text: Eva Synnestvedt Hansen | Pictures: Rune Hemmingsen