Race tested


At the 24H European Solo Championships in Finale Ligure, Italy it is beginning to get dark at 9 pm on this mild evening in May. The shadows are getting longer and the trees move in closer on the winding descents through the woods. The riders are mentally preparing for the night – their heartbeats accelerate.

Company founder Marcus Wallmeyer is riding his laps on the technically difficult race course with highest concentration. He is carefully registering how the light of the M99 prototype performs at every turn while passing obstacles and potholes. Are corners illuminated as well as planned? Are low-hanging branches visible? Do I need less light at low speeds?

In such situations, ideas are born that are a real benefit to the rider, like the field of view assistance software that perfectly adapts the brightness and beam shape to the riding speed, saving energy and making the ride more comfortable. No test station in a lab can simulate what a rider experiences. Standardized lab tests are necessary but for us it is just as important to know how it feels to ride with our lights, on the daily commute, on bike travels and in the toughest races we can find. After 176 km and 6,700 meters of climbing a hard, but fun testing day ends.