Walter Schmidt


When Walter Schmidt visited us seven years ago in our HQ in Gundelfingen and asked for lighting that would allow him to train for a 24-hour solo race in the USA at the age of nearly 70 years, we were astounded. But the calm gaze from his steel-blue eyes left us in no doubt: he was clearly a man of his word.

So without hesitation, we equipped Walter’s bike with one of the first Supernova E3 Triple dynamo lights. Ever since, he has been a faithful Supernova rider and a good friend. Over the following years, we gradually discovered that our modest “Bike Walter”, as he is known here, was one of the very first mountain bike pioneers in the region. The now 76-year-old former car mechanic and petrol station manager has not owned a car for the past 30 years but, instead, has been a passionate cyclist for over 60 years. In 1989, he rode from Seattle to El Paso on his Kuwahara Panther mountain bike. He also crossed the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness with his son on a trip from Anchorage to Calgary. In 2008, friends suggested he take part in a 24 hour solo race in Arizona. He instantly took a liking to it and the experience left a lasting impression on him, which led to his taking part again in 2009 and in 2012. His next adventure will be a trip from Arizona to California, including a small detour up Mount Lemmon with an altitude of 2,792 meters.