Awarded: M99 PURE


Result of the more than 40-headed professional jury

„The Supernova M99 PURE has taken e-bike safety to a new level, offering an ECE road legal and off-road capable 500 lumen light that integrates directly into the bike’s main battery. The daytime running lights are a potential lifesaver, ensuring traffic is aware of a fast-moving e-biker approaching. Ninety-nine internal mirrors focus the main beam, putting light right where you need it without dazzling car drivers. Compatible with Bosch motors and many other six-volt drives, the clever integration means that you will never run out of power when you need it most. With a solid, beautiful design, the M99 PURE demonstrates the incredible potential of e-power.“

The Design and Innovation Award serves as a forum for creativity, visionary ideas as well as for the industry’s most innovative products. The Award is given to class-leading as well as extraordinary products or innovations. In contrast to normal group tests the expert panel of the Design and Innovation Award considers far more criteria when judging and awarding the products. The criteria are ethics, philosophy, design, performance, quality, efficiency, ergonomics and comfort, weight, workmanship, sustainability and visionary qualities.