SUPERNOVA´S M99 MINI PRO-25 wins the Design & Innovation Award 2018

We did it again!  For 2 years in a row, Supernova has won the forward-looking Design & Innovation Award with one of its latest products.  We are proud to announce that the M99 MINI PRO-25 is this year’s winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2018 in the category COMPONENTS.

Last year the M99 PURE won over the jury of the Design & Innovation Award 2017.  The Award is a real mark of quality in the world of cycling – awarded to a product only after the diverse team of international journalists, professional test drivers and industrial experts have run real and exhaustive product tests. This guarantees that the latest inventions of the cyclists’ world are thoroughly evaluated through intense testing phases.

Not being underestimated by car drivers anymore – this is a dream for every cyclist! The bright beams of the M99 series open up entirely new lighting dimensions due to the precisely adjusted composition of an LED matrix with a highly complex, tessellated lens. The development of the M99 reflector was sponsored as an innovative project by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Since its birth, the series has been awarded numerous prizes.

Naturally, the M99 MINI PRO-25 is now following in the footsteps of its product family. Not only did the model lose 50% in size and 40% in weight compared to its big brother, but also, we are truly proud of the fact that this small light is the first front light worldwide that has both a high and low beam and is compliant with the latest German road law regulations from 2017. As a result of those new and revolutionary legal changes, E-bikes up to 25km/h are allowed to be equipped with a high beam.

The jury states:

“The Supernova M99 MINI PRO has heralded a new era of E-bike lights by becoming the first of its kind worldwide to be equipped with high and low beams that are compliant with the new German road regulations. This makes it the first light suitable for trail riding that can also legally be used in road traffic. To achieve this feat of engineering, the 1.250 lumen bright M99 MINI PRO that is permanently mounted on the bike is filled with technology that is normally only found in automotive headlights. Instead of fragile moving mirrors, the design uses a matrix of LEDs that has no moving parts at all. The performance is, quite literally, dazzling on the trail with both modes giving a convincing performance. For any on- and off-road ventures on an E-MTB, the M99 MINI PRO is the perfect companion. Compatible with all current popular motors.”


Increased safety for cyclists and another award for us! THANKS to the Supernova team for their dedication and countless hours of hard work.  Great job!  Here´s to many more breakthroughs at Supernova!


Text: Myriel Hauser / Sandra Jaksch