Focus Open Gold 2018 for Supernova M99 MINI PRO-25

Supernova Lights CEO Marcus Wallmeyer bei der Focus Open 2018 Preisverleihung mit Supernova M99 Mini Pro-25

That can only be called golden times: Our M99 MINI PRO-25 has been awarded for the sixth successive time: this time with the Focus Open Gold! The renowned international design award was presented on Friday, 12 October 2018 at the Scala in Ludwigsburg. The award-winning products will be on display at the MIK Museum – Information – Kunst until 25 November.

All entries coming from ten countries competed this year for the top-class prize, well known among designers and business alike, which, according to the organisers, is awarded for “forward-looking, professional and outstanding design achievements”. The six-member jury of the Design Center Baden-Württemberg brought together jurors from various industries from Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. In the contest, a total of twelve different design criteria, ranging from design to functionality, innovation and sustainability, were considered in the evaluation of the entries. 18 of the 59 award-winning products were awarded the Focus Open Gold.

The M99 MINI PRO-25 was assigned to the Sport category and awarded Gold by the jury with the following comment:
“With this compact headlamp, even the night ride on demanding trails should be a success. The button for operation can be integrated into the brake handles, it can be operated intuitively and refers to the activated high beam with blue backlighting.”

Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Quote: Design Center Baden-Württemberg Ι Pictures: Benjamin Stollenberg