Crossing the alps with the Supernova Airstream

25 years, 25 passes. Thorsten Larschow, owner of Rad und Tour Cuxhaven and premium dealer of Supernova Lights, had come up with a one-week racing bike tour through Austria’s mountain landscape to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his company. The result of the preparations for the cross alps tour was a motivated group of about 50 ambitious racing cyclists and semi-professionals. Among them Maximilian Franck, one of our Supernova Lights salesmen. His former Cuxhaven apprenticing company, company head Larschow, had of course put him on the list of party guests, amongst many members from Northern Germany’s cycling industry.

New Airstream HBM mounting bracket on road bikes: test approved!

Max has been supporting the sales team of the bicycle lighting company since April 2016. Starting as an enthusiastic mountain biker and preferably on the trails in the Black Forest, he switched to the fast and light racing bike for the last few tours. Of course, the Supernova Airstream is the perfect reliable road bike lighting. For the tour in the Alps, Max has taken up the cause of testing the new Airstream HBM handlebar mount for its alpine suitability on the road bike. He hasn’t been disappointed: Thanks to the Airstream HBM‘s quick release, he could easily take the headlight with him to the alpine huts for charging at night with the charging cable.


Alps cross panorama route for road bikes

From St. Pölten in Austria, the team covered a total distance of 864 km in seven stages to land in the northern Italian Dolomites. So far, so good, the experienced cyclist will think at this point, that’s a little more than 120 km per day, which is quite feasible. But remember the Supernova premium dealer’s motto: the Alpencross troupe made 25 passes and 17,000 metres of altitude difference this week up to their end point in Brixen in the Italian Aosta Valley! And all this in the hot temperatures of this year’s summer…

Alpencross Unterkunft in österreichischer Gemütlichkeit

And there was everything that makes the heart of the Alps beat faster: A beautiful altitude profile with enough 2000 m peaks, cosy alpine huts to lift the tired limbs after the strains of the day, good catering. In addition, the athletes were served the classic mountaineer menu: among them, of course, the outstandingly beautiful summit panorama of the Dolomites and the bombastic view from South Tyrol’s Kronplatz.

Supernova Airstream as daytime running light on a road bike

Almost without any special incidents, the anniversary team was able to conclude the road bike tour. Supernova Lights salesman Max reports a crash of a rider with the crash barrier, an almost-collision with a herd of cows and an extreme mood low after the defeat of the German team at this year’s World Championships.

Max always kept the Supernova Airstream switched on as daytime running light for the racing bike. You can ride the high speeds on the road bike much safer, if you are well seen by the other road users. A daytime running light for racing cyclists also makes a lot of sense for tunnel rides or on shady mountain slopes! The Supernova road bike lighting system, for example, has made it possible for Max to be well illuminated on the alpine track, every day anew with the daytime running light.


And Max’ conclusion? That winding descents on the thinly tired racing bicycle can be mastered more safely at full throttle than at low speeds. That the effort was definitely made up for by the breathtaking views. And that a 600 g T-bone steak at the end of the strain is definitely an incentive for another alps cross trip.



Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: Maximilian Franck