How to Ride for Fitness, Friendship, and a Worthwhile Cause

Do you love cycling?

Here at Supernova, we are crazy about turning the cranks. As staff members, we love the fact that Supernova sponsors not only professional cyclists but also recreational riders, like me.

Just recently, Supernova sponsored their small New Zealand team, David ‘Dynamo’ Bagshaw and me, Mary Jaksch, for a 5-day charity ride. With 40 other riders, we followed New Zealand’s most spectacular cycle trail, the Alps2Ocean, which starts high in the Alps and ends by the Pacific Ocean.

David and I raised funds for World Bicycle Relief, which provides simple, sustainable Buffalo Bikes for people in rural Africa. With their donation, Supernova was able to send a complete Buffalo Bike to Africa. This bike will enable a child to travel safely to school and help their family fetch water or take produce to market.

The Alps2Ocean ride was organized by Craig Shipton of 25000Spins who runs charity rides in spectacular locations around the world. It’s a great feeling when you ride for fitness, friendship, and a worthwhile cause! If you dream about cycling in New Zealand, check out the tour photos below.

The first day was a 98km ride from turquoise Lake Tekapo to Lake Ohau, which nestles in a pristine alpine valley surrounded by dramatic, glacial mountains.

From Lake Ohau, the ride started before dawn. The brilliant Airstream 2 illuminated the stony track leading up into the mountains.

Looking back from Tarnbrae High Point, you could catch a glimpse of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain.

In the valley, the sag wagon was ready with fruit, energy bars, and water.

Getting closer to civilization, the Supernova team took a detour along corrugated gravel roads.

We went to see the dramatic Clay Cliffs rising from the valley floor.

As the days passed, the landscape changed. The snow-capped mountains were now behind us, and the trail followed long valleys with braided rivers.

The participants took time out to cool off in the bracing river water.

Partway through the final day, the trail went through a disused railway tunnel. A group of cyclists followed closely behind us to take advantage of the light from our super-bright Airstream 2.

Finally, the Supernova team reached the vibrant seaside town of Oamaru: tired but elated. We thank the photographers and the tour organizer, Craig Shipton, of 25000Spins for permission to use their photos. 

Here is a Youtube video of the Alps2ocean tour.

Text: Mary Jaksch | Bildmaterial: Ryan McCutcheon, Trent Watson, Byan Rowe