New look with a sustainable message

Supernova focuses on new environmentally friendly packaging.

We have worked continuously to improve our ecological footprint.  We can currently report that we are now packaging the majority of our products with uncoated recycled cardboard. Due to being highly compressed, it is particularly robust and therefore retains its classy appearance.  We are presently working hard to convert the remaining packaging to environmentally friendly materials. This also includes the OEM bulk packaging that goes to bicycle manufacturers.

We pay attention to short transport routes, which is why we have a large part of the aftermarket packaging manufactured by regional suppliers around the Supernova production in Gundelfingen.

Our sustainability concept

Sustainability is a central theme for Supernova. It already starts with the fact that we design our products for a very long service life. We pay attention to environmentally friendly materials and entirely manufacture PVC and lead-free. For our German production we obtain our certified green electricity from Greenpeace Energy. Even the heating energy is obtained from environmentally friendly hydrogen generated by wind power. Our suppliers are selected according to ecological criteria.

All goods movements are handled CO2-neutral. The majority of our employees ride their bikes to work. The company fleet consists exclusively of electric cars, which are charged with green electricity at our own charging station.

Inspiration and teamwork

Part of our concept is also a close cooperation with our suppliers and customers to quickly advance this mission. We are therefore open to ideas for further proposals. Every step in the right direction counts, no matter how small it is.

Text: Marcus Wallmeyer • Pictures: Damaris Sonntag, Tabea Gordetzki