From Polka-Dot Jersey to Gravel Pro

from Berlin to Oberstdorf.

Gravel cyclist Paul Voss recently faced fresh challenges and has set new goals. He’s just completed riding from Berlin to Oberstdorf. That’s one thousand kilometers right across Germany. And he did it in just four days on a gravel bike!Paul Voss had promised his followers on Komoot that he would attempt a new challenge this April. As many of you know, the weather can be tricky in April so being well equipped was a top priority. We gave him a Supernova Airstream 2 and can now report on his adventures.  

Paul did really well, and so did his equipment.

He told us that he experienced “all four seasons” crammed into a few days. Of course, these were ideal conditions to put our Airstream 2 to the test. On each of the first two days, Voss rode 270 kilometers, and the daily distance for the rest of the way was around 200 km. These are quite some distances, especially when you consider it was offroad! Along the way, Voss got to experience many new sights and beautiful regions. He especially loved riding through Franconia and found that there are more single trails in the Nuremberg area than one would think. 

We are happy that he had fun with the Airstream and look forward to his continued adventures. Paul Voss is a former professional cyclist. In the last few years, he’s attracted a lot of attention with his popular cycling podcast called Besenwagen. In 2016 he won the polka-dot jersey in the 2016 Tour de France and now plans to return to international racing as a gravel pro.

Text: Levin Sottru, Mary Jaksch • Pictures: Nils Längner