Battling Through Snowstorms in Siberia – on a Bike

A good six months ago, Jonas Deichmann set off on his triathlon around the world with the Supernova M99 MINI PRO B54. What an adventure! In the fall, he left Central Europe, crossed the Balkans, and swam hundreds of kilometers in the Adriatic Sea before pausing in Turkey because of the pandemic. Then, at the beginning of this year, he pushed on across Ukraine north of the Black Sea into the far reaches of Russia.

Right now, Jonas is riding doggedly along dilapidated highways in Siberia, battling snowstorms and icy temperatures. With only a few daylight hours available each day, he’s pressing on through steppes, mountains, and forests. Jonas has already covered a large part of the Eurasian continent, but it’s still more than 4000 km to the Pacific coast, and winters are long and harsh in Siberia.


For sure, there will some more brutal challenges for Jonas and his equipment. As you may remember, he initially tested his equipment in the German railway’s cold temperature chamber. His present experience in Russia shows that he chose the best possible equipment. We’re happy to report that our B54 front light has worked fine so far! What’s next? When Jonas arrives in Vladivostok, he’ll travel on to America and attempt to run across the continent from west to east. We’re looking forward to Jonas’ updates and will keep you posted on his fantastic adventure.

Text: Levin Sottru, Mary Jaksch – Pictures: Jonas Deichmann, Markus Weinberg