Cape to Cape – “I’ll make it in 75 days”

Jonas Deichmann with Supernova Airstream 2

Ultra Endurance Sportler Jonas Deichmann about his challenge from Nordkapp to Cape Town

“We have now crossed the Arctic circle and are pushing towards Russia. Constant headwind so far but legs are good and spirits high.” With these words, Ultra Endurance cyclist Jonas Deichmann gave us his first update just a few days ago on his latest challenge. Since the beginning of September 2019 he has been on the road together with his cycling partner Philipp Hympendahl.

Jonas Deichmann will drive with the Supernova Airstream 2 from Cape to Cape

From cape to cape: cycling 18,000 km from the North Cape to Cape Town. In 75 days. Jonas Deichmann wants to smash the current world record of 102 days – riding from the tranquil Norwegian town of Nordkapp, the northernmost point of Europe, via Turkey and the Arabian Peninsula through East Africa to the southernmost point of the African continent, the vibrant metropolis of Cape Town. He will have to spend 11 to 13 hours in the saddle every day to cover an average of 240 km per day. For this extreme tour, he’ll need to consume about 10,000 kilocalories every day. That’s an awful lot of pasta!

Jonas Deichmann with partner meets moose on a Nordic road

“Getting to the starting line is the hardest part”

Defying Arctic winds; encountering lions and giraffes; feeling parched riding across the Sahara: “I just feel alive when I do something like that,” says Jonas Deichmann who is of medium build with a rough beard and sunburned skin. Jonas has now been on the road for 12 years. What does he miss most when he’s on tour? “A good coffee in the morning.” That’s a modest answer. In the past two years, Jonas Deichmann has set two world records, the Eurasia Challenge and the Panamerica Solo. When asked how he trains for his adventures, Jonas replies that he rides hard to complete 100,000 meters (328,084 feet) elevation gain in the Alps. “The hard moments make the best memories.”

Jonas Deichmann wants to set a new world record. Here he can be seen at a challenge in Oman.

“I just feel alive when I do something like that”

“Going alone into the wilderness and discovering exotic destinations”. Jonas has always enjoyed being alone in the wild and loves discovering exotic destinations. Since childhood Jonas has loved the adventure. As a student, he traveled around the world by bike and became fascinated by ultra-endurance events. Then, in 2017, Jonas set his sights on a big goal: he wanted to break the Eurasia world record. He found sponsors, gave lectures, and the plan came together. “That’s when a hobby turned into my life,” he says. Jonas set a new Eurasia record of 14,331 km in 64 days. He sees the Cape to Cape as the next “logical step” after cycling 23,000 km in 97 days in last year’s Panamerica Solo tour across the Americas. His latest idea is to cycle through Europe lengthwise and end up at the tip of South Africa.

Jonas Deichmann on his way to Cape Town on difficult terrain

“I’ll make it in 75 days.”

Jonas says: “I can do it in 75 days”. No questions, no doubts, no hesitation. Jonas says that 90% of extreme challenges are won in the mind because the body gets tired after six days of torture. How to start? Just do it, that’s his motto. You learn on the way. “Getting to the starting line is the most difficult thing.” And then what? Think positive. No matter whether you’re caught in a downpour or face headwinds or suffer from the heat. Set small achievable goals. Think about the nearest gas station where you can get chocolate. Focus on the time to your next destination, not on the mileage. Remember that you can’t influence external factors.

When you hear Jonas talk, you quickly realize he’s a professional speaker. He has his answers down pat. When he’s not cycling, Jonas gives lectures about his travels and about the motivation that drives him to excel. His equipment is “optimized right down to the last ounce.” His minimal luggage weighs a total of only five kg (11 pounds). He uses the Supernova Airstream 2 with Tail Light and Power Bank whether it’s for an ultra event or a 24h race. Deichmann initially chose Supernova because of its top reputation. Having tested the lights personally in extreme conditions, he knows he can rely 100% on his Airstream system – which is essential because he’s often in places where there’s no workshop for miles. Jonas charges up his Power Bank whenever he stops at a restaurant. While most long-distance riders use Supernova dynamo front lights, he has found that the Airstream Power Team is ideally suited to his extreme adventures. This combo has never let him down. He uses the Airstream during daylight as well, especially if there’s a lot of traffic. With this Supernova light, he can turn night into day whenever he needs to.

Jonas Deichmann with partner on his Cape to Cape Challenge in the evening at the campfire

“When I think of Africa, I imagine adventures.”

The route looks easier than the one across the American continents. But Deichmann is aware of inherent risks: borders may be impassable, and medicines may be hard to come by. “If possible, I want to avoid major breakdowns and accidents,” he says matter-of-factly. Jonas is fearless. He knows, first-hand, what it’s like to carry on with broken ribs. But Jonas Deichmann is committed to his cause. And what’s the first thing he’ll do when he arrives in Cape Town? “I’ll jump into the sea!” He did the same when he won his previous records, and this has assumed a kind of symbolic status. We look forward to the selfie!

Jonas Deichmann after seven days on his challenge Cape to Cape_Picture Pål Laukli
Jonas Deichmann points to the road sign marking the border with Finland_Foto Pål Laukli

You’ve become curious? Follow his trip on Instagram!

Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: Jonas Deichmann, Pål Laukli, David Saintyves, Thiebaut Veroz Ι Quotes: Jonas Deichmann

The Miracle of Brest: Fiona Kolbinger wins Transcontinental 2019

The Transcontinental Race TCR No.7 2019 with Fiona Kolbinger as winner_start

Fiona – ahead of all (men)

Fiona Kolbinger wears the LEADER cap of the TCR Transcontinental Race under her helmet, the frame of her glasses in her mouth. It seems concentrated. The 24-year-old won the race with the Supernova E3 Triple 2.

It’s August 6, 2019. This date will go down in the history of cycling. Her story is already trending on social media. At precisely 7:48 am, Fiona Kolbinger won the Transcontinental Race TRCNo.7. The 24-year-old completed the 4,000 km (2,485 miles) in 10 days, 2 hours, and 48 minutes. Fiona blitzed the field, finishing ahead of her closest rival, Ben Davis, by more than 10 hours and crossed the finish line as the first woman ever to win the Ultra Endurance Race. Together with the spectacular victory of Ultra Endurance runner Jasmin Paris in the 431 km Spine Race in January 2019, and the success of Lael Wilcox who won the 6,800 km (4,200 miles) long Trans Am Bike Race in 2016, Fiona Kolbinger joins the growing ranks of women taking first place in Ultra Endurance competitions.

Breathtaking view of a mountain road of the Transcontinental 2019, snow-covered hills in the background, cloudy sky.

In response to the astonishment at the victory of her as a novice in the world of cycling – and a woman in particular – the brand new doctor has a frank explanation for Tom Bonnett, the journalist who interviewed her for the latest episode of the Transcontinental Podcast. In an Ultra Distance Race, it’s not just about physical ability, and especially not about testosterone levels. The route has to be well planned, food shopping has to be done quickly and the bike has to be maintained. Get along with little sleep and breaks, don’t waste time, just such things. In short distance races the physical condition is far more decisive.

Fiona Kolbinger repairs her bike. Replacement tubes hang around her shoulder.

The Transcontinental Race is one of the toughest, self-supported bike races in the world. This one-stage race started in the Bulgarian city of Burgas on the Black Sea coast and ended in the Breton port of Brest in France, spanning the European continent. This race is unique as the riders decide individually on the route and the length of their rest periods. The clock never stops. However, the riders have to pass four checkpoints on the way.

Fiona Kolbinger wears the winning cap from the Transcontinental Race, which she won with the E3 Triple 2.

But she doesn’t seem to have won this race just because of her strong character. Stamina, speed, efficiency: when her STRAVA profile is analysed, these qualities are immediately striking. Fiona has already completed some solid long distance races. In the world of Ultra Distance Races, however, she is a newcomer. 

Humor, she’s got that, too. She tells of her collision with the Serbian border fence with a laugh. Actually, she only wanted to wave to a fellow traveller – otherwise you don’t meet others so often. Nevertheless, she had to wait half an hour for her identity card. First the border chief had to be informed. Her repeatedly saying “hey, I’m on a race” didn’t help.

Mountain stage through the forest for Fiona Kolbinger. She smiles at the camera

So, what are the thoughts of someone who for the first time in his life is leading a long-distance race? She spent a large part of the trip calculating how many kilometres it will possibly take to get to the next checkpoint and how much time to the next border. She immediately switched off her mobile phone when the media rush started. She preferred to be taken in by the breathtaking nature and let herself be diverted into thoughtlessness. 

Panoramic view of Fiona Kolbinger at TCRNo.7 in the mountains

She had also rather accidentally taken the lead. Shortly after checkpoint 2 it suddenly started pouring rain when she left the supermarket. It was late, Fiona decided to take a sleeping unit. The place she chose would seem shady to her. There, in the middle of the night, she made the decision to continue. That was the moment. And the “race mode”? It happened shortly after the Austrian border. She’s good in mountainous terrain, that she knows.

At the third checkpoint, she had already left all her male competitors in the dust and increased her lead even further after climbing more than 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) elevation, riding over 160 km (99 miles) by night. When Fiona arrived at the fourth checkpoint in Le Bourg-d’Oisans, she had been riding for seven and a half days and had covered two and a half thousand kilometers (1553 miles). And guess what she did when she arrived at the hotel: she sat down at the piano in the lobby and played ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ – after sleeping for an average of only four hours in a bivvy bag on the side of the road for the last seven days. She is a hard act to follow!

Fiona Kolbinger wears the winning cap from the Transcontinental Race, which she won with the E3 Triple 2.

Fiona was the fifth winner of the Transcontinental who relied on the Supernova E3 TRIPLE 2. Many endurance athletes use this powerful front light. It is one of the brightest dynamo front lights in the world, requires only minimal energy, and is ready at any time, day or night. The E3 TRIPLE 2 also improves safety through the use of the stand light function.

Here at Supernova, we are delighted with Fiona’s victory and are proud to have played a small part in this historic win with our E3 TRIPLE 2. Congratulations, Fiona!

Fiona Kolbinger crosses the border to the French department of Haute Alpes
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Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: Angus Sung / James Robertson Ι Quotes: Transcontinental / Fiona Kolbinger

SUPERNOVA LIGHTS donates at the Epic Buffalo Ride 2019

Buffalo Bikes for the World Bicycle Relief

Supernova was a major sponsor for last weekend’s ‘Epic Buffalo Ride’ in New Zealand, sponsoring two Buffalo Bikes for ‘World Bicycle Relief’.

This charity ride covered over 270km with 2,300m elevation gain through stunning landscapes of sea, mountains and rivers in the Nelson region. The ‘Epic Buffalo Ride’ raised over 4,500 Australian dollars for ‘World Bicycle Relief’. This equates to 23 Buffalo bikes!

Dave Bagshaw, one of our Supernova Team riders in New Zealand, describes his experience vividly:

„It was a very tough ride battling the elements of wind, sun, and rain. But it feels so good to be helping others less fortunate than ourselves“.*

*Das war ein echt harter Ritt gegen die Elemente Wind, Sonne und Regen. Aber es fühlt sich einfach gut an, anderen zu helfen, die nicht so privilegiert sind im Leben.

The international charity, World Bicycle Relief, provides sturdy, load-carrying Buffalo Bikes for students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa so that distance is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity.

Text and translation: Myriel Hauser, Mary Jaksch Ι Quotation: Dave Bagshaw Ι Pictures: World Bicycle Relief

Crossing the alps with the Supernova Airstream


25 years, 25 passes. Thorsten Larschow, owner of Rad und Tour Cuxhaven and premium dealer of Supernova Lights, had come up with a one-week racing bike tour through Austria’s mountain landscape to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his company. The result of the preparations for the cross alps tour was a motivated group of about 50 ambitious racing cyclists and semi-professionals. Among them Maximilian Franck, one of our Supernova Lights salesmen. His former Cuxhaven apprenticing company, company head Larschow, had of course put him on the list of party guests, amongst many members from Northern Germany’s cycling industry.

New Airstream HBM mounting bracket on road bikes: test approved!

Max has been supporting the sales team of the bicycle lighting company since April 2016. Starting as an enthusiastic mountain biker and preferably on the trails in the Black Forest, he switched to the fast and light racing bike for the last few tours. Of course, the Supernova Airstream is the perfect reliable road bike lighting. For the tour in the Alps, Max has taken up the cause of testing the new Airstream HBM handlebar mount for its alpine suitability on the road bike. He hasn’t been disappointed: Thanks to the Airstream HBM‘s quick release, he could easily take the headlight with him to the alpine huts for charging at night with the charging cable.


Alps cross panorama route for road bikes

From St. Pölten in Austria, the team covered a total distance of 864 km in seven stages to land in the northern Italian Dolomites. So far, so good, the experienced cyclist will think at this point, that’s a little more than 120 km per day, which is quite feasible. But remember the Supernova premium dealer’s motto: the Alpencross troupe made 25 passes and 17,000 metres of altitude difference this week up to their end point in Brixen in the Italian Aosta Valley! And all this in the hot temperatures of this year’s summer…

Alpencross Unterkunft in österreichischer Gemütlichkeit

And there was everything that makes the heart of the Alps beat faster: A beautiful altitude profile with enough 2000 m peaks, cosy alpine huts to lift the tired limbs after the strains of the day, good catering. In addition, the athletes were served the classic mountaineer menu: among them, of course, the outstandingly beautiful summit panorama of the Dolomites and the bombastic view from South Tyrol’s Kronplatz.

Supernova Airstream as daytime running light on a road bike

Almost without any special incidents, the anniversary team was able to conclude the road bike tour. Supernova Lights salesman Max reports a crash of a rider with the crash barrier, an almost-collision with a herd of cows and an extreme mood low after the defeat of the German team at this year’s World Championships.

Max always kept the Supernova Airstream switched on as daytime running light for the racing bike. You can ride the high speeds on the road bike much safer, if you are well seen by the other road users. A daytime running light for racing cyclists also makes a lot of sense for tunnel rides or on shady mountain slopes! The Supernova road bike lighting system, for example, has made it possible for Max to be well illuminated on the alpine track, every day anew with the daytime running light.


And Max’ conclusion? That winding descents on the thinly tired racing bicycle can be mastered more safely at full throttle than at low speeds. That the effort was definitely made up for by the breathtaking views. And that a 600 g T-bone steak at the end of the strain is definitely an incentive for another alps cross trip.



Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: Maximilian Franck

Focus Open Gold 2018 for Supernova M99 MINI PRO-25

Supernova Lights CEO Marcus Wallmeyer bei der Focus Open 2018 Preisverleihung mit Supernova M99 Mini Pro-25

That can only be called golden times: Our M99 MINI PRO-25 has been awarded for the sixth successive time: this time with the Focus Open Gold! The renowned international design award was presented on Friday, 12 October 2018 at the Scala in Ludwigsburg. The award-winning products will be on display at the MIK Museum – Information – Kunst until 25 November.

All entries coming from ten countries competed this year for the top-class prize, well known among designers and business alike, which, according to the organisers, is awarded for “forward-looking, professional and outstanding design achievements”. The six-member jury of the Design Center Baden-Württemberg brought together jurors from various industries from Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. In the contest, a total of twelve different design criteria, ranging from design to functionality, innovation and sustainability, were considered in the evaluation of the entries. 18 of the 59 award-winning products were awarded the Focus Open Gold.

The M99 MINI PRO-25 was assigned to the Sport category and awarded Gold by the jury with the following comment:
“With this compact headlamp, even the night ride on demanding trails should be a success. The button for operation can be integrated into the brake handles, it can be operated intuitively and refers to the activated high beam with blue backlighting.”

Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Quote: Design Center Baden-Württemberg Ι Pictures: Benjamin Stollenberg

SUPERNOVA LIGHTS illuminates Central Asia

Supernova Lights illuminates central Asia

Marc Maurer mit Supernova Lights und Bombtrack Rad auf Tour

Cycling around the world, step by step. Start every new trip at the end point of the previous one. Cologne – Istanbul, Istanbul – Tehran. Actually, the Iranian capital would have been the starting point for this third big tour. But this time Bombtrack team rider and enthusiastic Supernova Lights user Marc Maurer has decided for a different location and set off on the route of his dreams to Central Asia with his bike and outdoor equipment.

Marc Maurer auf Bikepacking Tour am Pamir Highway

Bikepacking through Central Asia

Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan and political, cultural and economic centre of the country. The city is situated at an altitude of 800 m south of the Hissar Mountains, which rise up to 4643 m above sea level. A good starting point for a tour like the ones Marc loves. Because the classic backpacking has become too boring lately. Bikepacking is more adventurous, especially if you are travelling alone. The owner of a bicycle shop in Cologne has always been a passionate traveller. The corner of the world has long been on Marc’s travel list. And fear of the unknown keeps the native South German within healthy limits.

“In the beginning, when I travelled along the Afghan border for days, all the military checkpoints were always exciting. In the beginning I was always nervous, without any reason, the soldiers were all totally nice and interested…”

Over the Tian Shan high mountain range, which rises up to 7439 metres in altitude, along the Afghan border and further along the foothills of China to the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, which is already in the immediate vicinity of neighbouring Kazakhstan in northern Kyrgyzstan. Among other things, Marc’s route lead along the Pamir Highway, which is well known to travellers. Since the 19th century, this mountain pass has guided its climbers through the alpine landscape of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on steep gravel roads and was only partially maintained during the Soviet regime. In terms of landscape, deep mountain gorges with snow-laden mountain ranges alternate with infinite expanses offering merciless space to the weather to live out its diverse moods.

When you meet other people, whether locals or travellers, you stop and talk. Not only stories are exchanged, but also valuable tips about the nearest water source or for food supplies. And every encounter is different, unique in its own way.

“Not far from the Kumtor gold mine in Kyrgyzstan two shepherds on horses came to me, with Kalashnikovs on their backs. Of course I was a bit intimidated at first because of the machine guns, but the two were totally nice and me, being a non-smoker, I had to smoke a cigarette with them. Of course hands were shaken to say goodbye. I noticed that one of them had two complete thumbs on his right hand. I tried to speak to him about it, but he couldn’t speak English, I couldn’t speak Kyrgyz. Later it turned out that due to an accident with the chemical cyanide, the salt of prussic acid, the groundwater in the gold mine was contaminated and the people suffered from malformations…”

He had been warned that parts of the route could be very crowded in summer. But apart from a few other travellers, various herds of animals, a rolling hotel with crazy Germans and from time to time children and shepherds along the way, his impressions are dominated by soothing solitude, extreme physical exertion and the predominant nature.

Bergpanoramen in Kirgisistan und Tadschikistan

Marc Maurer about Supernova Lights

Marc is therefore especially grateful for his equipment. Not only his Bombtrack bike and his outdoor clothes as well as his bike bags supported him in his project. His Supernova front lights were also a faithful companionship in the mountains.

“I was on the road with the E3 Triple 2 and the E3 Tail Light 2. The front light is not allowed on German roads, but fortunately cares about it on Tajik and Kyrgyz roads… I was and am super happy with this lamp setup. Especially off-road the headlight served me well and I was and still am totally enthusiastic about the power of these front lights. Apart from that I use the E3 Pure 3 front light and I like the illumination, the size and brightness. These are the first experiences with Supernova products and I am totally thrilled! I hope they’re not the last experiences I’ll have with Supernova Lights ;-)”

Supernova Lights als Outdoor Ausrüstung an Marcs Rad

A journey beyond II: Relive the Bikepacking yourself

3,500 km far and over a total of 50,000 meters of altitude led him his journey, Marc estimates. The difference to previous Bikepacking tours: the long time in the high mountains, always being at a constant altitude between 2,500 and 4,500 m. Cycling, where breathing is difficult. Not everyone’s cup of tea. But Marc hasn’t regretted it.

You can relive Marc’s experiences impressively in the short documentary A JOURNEY BEYOND II, already the second production about Marc by Bombtrack Bicycles, a Cologne-based company. The intoxicating shots cast a spell over you and alternate entertainingly with the relentless coverage of a cyclist’s digestive problems, which Marc shares just as unfiltered as the daily highs and lows of his emotional travel experience. Attention: Be warned that instant travel fever can break out!

“I just want to ride my bike, see the world and have fun” Marc Maurer

Aussicht am Pamir Highway auf Marcs Bikepacking Tour

Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Quotations: Marc Maurer Ι Pictures: Timo Seidel

Win at the 24h-race Rad am Ring with Supernova Airstream

Supernova Airstream brightens up the Green Hell for Schwörer

Once again, the cyclist Ralph Schwörer was able to bring home a victory! At the 24h-race Rad am Ring on Saturday, 28 July 2018, the 50-year-old sportsman from the Black Forest claimed first place in his age group and climbed to third place in the total of 600 individual starters! Thanks to the Supernova Airstream on his road bike, Schwörer was able to contest the “Green Hell” not only fast, but also with the best lighting.

With the Supernova Airstream through the Green Hell

Schwörer can be more than satisfied: Within 24 hours, the tenacious athlete has completed the 26 laps he achieved last year and thereby even saved 4 minutes. In total, he covered a distance of 670 km and climbed over 14,000 meters! The Supernova Airstream helped him through the dark periods. Thanks to its flexible mounting, the featherweight can be easily mounted on any wheel. The battery light has a maximum running time of 14 hours – completely sufficient for the demands of a 24h-race. At this race, the athletes are passing the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, equipped with Formula 1 asphalt, and bring a varied terrain with a demanding altitude profile and a rich variety of curves around the ring behind them. Anyhow, Ralph Schwörer was enthusiastic about the performance of the front light.

Nürburgring by road bike and Supernova Airstream

Supernova Airstream an Schwörers Rennrad

Fascination – since 1927, the “Green Hell” has not only attracted car and motorcycle riders, but also cyclists. This race track, also often referred to as the “Grande Dame”, measures generous 18 m in width and offers some special features for the rider: In the slope known as the “Fuchsröhre”, speeds of up to 100 km/h can be reached, but cyclists expect steep sections of up to 17% gradient, just like the one between the “Karussel” and the “Hohe Acht”. The race is considered to be one of the core elements of the entire Rad am Ring program.

Congratulations on this success!


Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: Sportograf


Supernova friends with AKTIONfahrRAD

The earlier, the better! Supernova supports the initiative AKTIONfahrRAD in being a member of their circle of friends. Thereby we are supporting a good cause: The initiative wants to inspire young people’s interest in cycling.

SUPERNOVA LIGHTS and AKTIONfahrRAD are friends now

Independence, movement, fun – get your bike ready! Together with their partners, the initiative AKTIONfahrRAD realizes ideas to entice youngsters to take up cycling. Whether they provide bikes for schools, qualify teachers for cycling activities with students or organize technical training for the kids with the world champion in mountain biking – the goal remains the same. And good ideas need strong partners. The more people get excited about cycling at an early age, the better for their health and the environment. One of the latest activities is the youth project The climate friendly project Klimatour of the FahrRad! campaign, where young people can register as a group or school class and the one that cycled the most kilometers wins a prize. Of course, all the prices have to do with cycling. And at the German School Championship on 22 September 2018 in Rappershausen, Bavaria, schools from all federal states will meet to determine the German School Champion MRB.

The German bicycle nation can be even more enthusiastic

There are currently 78 million bicycles in Germany. And that with just about 83 million inhabitants. The Ministry of Transport called Germany a “bicycle nation”. Every two years, together with the German Bicycle Club ADFC, they conduct the Bicycle Monitor, a survey that asks German citizens about their habits, wishes and preferences for cycling. According to the results of the bicycle monitor, the majority of German citizens could travel the daily distances by bike. In practice, more than half of Germans like to ride their bikes, but a good third rarely uses their bikes. And almost half of them do not feel safe cycling. Projects such as the AKTIONfahrRAD, which is committed to bringing cycling closer to the kids and promoting projects for safe cycling in schools, are therefore extremely useful.

Together in a joint missionSupernova supports AKTIONfahrRAD cheering kids

It is our mission too to motivate people to take up cycling. Moving by bike is not only good for your health, but also for the environment. For this reason, we at Supernova develop outstanding products because we want bikers to be safe, no matter what time of year and what weather conditions. And therefore, it is a great pleasure to us to support smart projects as AKTIONfahrRAD!

Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: AKTIONfahrRAD

SUPERNOVA LIGHTS at the Eurobike 2018 – A review

That was it again, the Eurobike 2018 at the exhibition centre Messe Friedrichshafen! This well-known bicycle fair took place for the 27th time already, meanwhile holding the “status of the world’s leading trade fair” in the bicycle industry. Despite the earlier date of the fair, this year, more than 1,400 exhibitors from 50 countries were present in the small town at the Lake Constance. (Quotation: Siegfried Neuberger, managing director Zweirad Industrie Verband ZIV)

The Eurobike, as being one of the most important bicycle fairs in the world, means an important event for us at Supernova every year. For all those who (hopefully for good reasons!) did not make it to this year’s fair: we present to you our trade fair experience as well as the latest news from the Supernova development forge at a glance!


Supernova M99 Tail Light-25: Innovation brake light

Our latest tail light generation, the Supernova M99 Tail Light-25, has been selected out of 366 candidates for the EUROBIKE AWARD 2018! The new tail light is the first road legal brake light for E-bikes in Germany thereby opening up a completely new dimension of safety. Its predecessor, the Supernova M99 Tail Light-45, additionally illuminates the license plate on 45 km/h E-Bikes and thus offers three functions at the same time.

The EUROBIKE AWARD highlights products with the potential to define new trends in the bicycle industry. So what’s new about our product? The big difference to other products previously known as brake lights on the market: With the Supernova M99 Tail Light-25, the traffic driving behind you is not only informed about the braking process, but can also be reliably warned before braking by lightly touching the brake lever – an important additional function, compared to the tail lights, which are called delay lights in technical terms and only light up during the actual braking process. The tail light can be perfectly combined with the Magura MT brake lever, which makes the integration into the cockpit an elegant success. The light also has a lot of power: At 85 cd, the brake light is six times brighter than the brightest approved tail light on the market. Even during the day, the moving person is seen from a distance of more than 900 m.

Supernova M99 MINI PRO-45: High beam in small size

The M99 MINI PRO-45 is our smallest S-Pedelec front light with 1,400 lumens and 280 lux of high beam according to ECE 113 Class C. With this newcomer from the popular M99 series, we have implemented a performance class even suitable for motorcycles in such a small housing. The main beam reaches over 300 m of width thanks to the outstanding light quantity of ten automotive LEDs. The low beam guarantees the best possible safety at any speed thanks to its perfectly homogeneous light carpet. The front light continues the light revolution that was triggered by its big brother, the M99 PRO, years ago and with the M99 MINI PRO-25 was able to expand its market radius even further: Being equipped with high beam in compact format on the E-MTB and driving the toughest trails in the most adverse lighting conditions! And thereby still being flexible in traffic.


“It’s like Disney World for a cyclist”*

This year again, the voices of dealers, athletes and journalists at the major annual meeting of the bicycle industry sound enthusiastic. One thing is clear: We can’t wait for the next Eurobike! The date for 2019 is of course already in our calendars: September 4 to 7. To everyone’s relief, another public day is planned. Let’s look forward to the next edition with many great lighting innovations which more and more make cycling a safe pleasure! (Quotation: Monika Sattler, influencer RAD Monika)


Here at the Eurobike you can see the dedication and technical expertise that is involved in bicycles – and also that it can really be a lot of fun to use them, whether in your free time or on your way to work.

– Andreas Schwarz, Chairman of the Green Parliamentary Group of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg and passionate racing cyclist


Supernova CEO Marcus Wallmeyer mit Riese&Müller ... ... beim Eurobike Award 2018
The Riese&Müller Hommage with the Supernova M99 MINI PRO-25 with high beam has won the Gold Award 2018! Joy on the faces of one of the Riese&Müller founders Markus Riese and Supernova CEO Marcus Wallmeyer


Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Bildmaterial: Marcus Wallmeyer

Quotations: (last visited on 16.07.18)


Supernova M99 MINI PRO wins German Innovation Award

GIA Technisches Museum Berlin

And the series continues! The M99 MINI PRO is honored with the German Innovation Award. This is the fourth honoration for the world’s first front light providing high beam for E-Bikes. At the festivities on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, our front light was rewarded out of the 650 competitors. More than 250 guests from the spheres of economy, politics and the media followed the exclusive invitation into the Museum of Technology in Berlin.

The aim of the German Innovation Award is to honor innovative products that are created on the principle of sustainability. Sector giants, hidden champions or start-ups – they all share one characteristic. A solution, a detail innovation or a service with a real added value for the users. “We are absolutely enthusiastic about the quality of the applicants”, Andrej Kupetz says. For the managing director of the German Design Council innovation is one of the decisive factors to promote on the global market. Among the products you can find bionic gloves, cleaning technologies, fibers for 3D printing, an EV charging station, coffee lemonade, an IoT platform – or high-tech bicycle illumination like the M99 MINI PRO.

The evaluated criteria are for example the degree of innovation, the user value or the economic efficiency. The innovation strategy should take into account aspects like the social, ecological and economical sustainability, the efficient use of energy and resources. Also factors like product durability, market maturity, technical quality and function, material quality, synergy effects and the work place conditions play a significant role in the decision-making process. Amongst the top-class jury that critically valued our M99 MINI PRO there were physicists, patent consultants, computer scientists, finance experts, product designers, technology historians and marketeers. “We want to guarantee an individual, neutral and professional evaluation”, Kupetz emphasizes.


Text: Myriel Hauser/ German Innovation Award Ι Pictures: Marcus Wallmeyer/ German Innovation Award