Airstream crosses Europe

Stockholm – Madrid: Airstream travels for a good cause

This summer, we are supporting the two Freewheel cyclists Juan and Javi on their challenge to cross Europe by bicycle. As they travel for a good cause and completely at their own expense, we equipped them with two sets of Airstream lights.

Freewheel is the name they gave their campaign, because they celebrate the freedom Europe holds for its inhabitants through its open borders. Equipped with the Airstream, they have left Stockholm on June 1st and plan to arrive in Madrid by the end of the month, after riding more than 4500 km. That makes almost 200 daily kilometers during 30 days, including some stopovers!

Not only will our lights provide them with safety on the road. Thanks to the set of Airstream and Airstream Tail Light, the two will be able to ride any time of day they want to.  While travelling at night, they can avoid the heat during the day in the warmer regions of Europe. During the day, the Airstream with its integrated daytime running light provides safety for the two.

A bicycle offers great potential – this is something the two cyclists from Spain definitely know. The purpose of their trip is to create awareness for the World Bicycle Relief, a non-profit organization that donates the so-called Buffalo Bikes to poor people all over the world in need for a means of transport. As support, the two Freewheelershope to raise funds for the Buffalo Bikes. The donations go directly to World Bicycle Relief– the guys don’t use anything on themselves.

You want to know more?

Follow their daily adventures and read about the backstory of their project! Learn more about the cause, the route and the team or make a donation!

We wish them the best luck!


Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: Freewheel

Bikepacking meets Supernova Lights

Part I: A family’s adventure to the other end of the world


3,000 km, 2 bicycles, 1 infant, 1 plan and 7 Supernova products – What many other bikepackers would never dare to do, Bombtrackteamrider Joachim Rosenlund’s family just embarked on. They are cycling through New Zealands wilderness for two months – with a small child.

Joachim, his wife Melanie and their meanwhile one-year old daughter Alva have the best cycling equipment with them: The Supernova Lights mounted on their high tech bikes illuminate every corner of the New Zealand Outback during night and day. On board: E3 Triple 2, Airstream and Aistream Tail Light, E3 PRO 2 with E3 Tail Light and The Plug.

There is enought nature to discover in the country of the kiwi birds: Turquoise coloured glacial lakes, high mountains and vast beaches. Enjoy solitude and unique remote landscapes? Nothing easier than that! New Zealand impresses with a country surface as big as Great Britain, shared by only 4.3 million of inhabitants. And 30 million of sheep. A piece of land perfectly suitable for the Rosenlunds’ project.

The route of the three family members follows a simple concept: Gravel Travel, meaning travelling while going astray, far from civilisation and its highways, citys and tourists spots. For that, they are willing to accept a detour or even a turning back. The peaceful vastness of New Zealand is definitely worth the way. Most of the times, they spend entirely three or four days touring in the outback, until another food ration runs out. The small family passes its nights sleeping in a tent or in one of the many small hunters’ huts, some even equipped with fireplaces. In order to do so, the cycling family is taking their time for the tour and enjoying it at a leisurely pace. Time to admire beautiful nature around you – and especially to enjoy watching your little daughter growing and exploring. In order to be well illuminated even after the tour, the Airstream is the perfect partner. By charging The Plug during daytime cycling, the bright light can be easily charged without having any socket.

It has been approximately six weeks since the adventurers started exploring the small insular state in the Southern Pacific, including the well-known Rainbow Road. The 112 km dirt road lies on New Zealand’s Southern island and stretches from Hanmer Springs to St. Arnaud and is famous for its stunning variety of landscapes, from grassland to screes along the Clarence River until the the rugged mountains of the Wairau catchment. The weather conditions can be difficult – often the Rainbow Station in charge declares a warning and informs about one’s own risk to do the trail.

Soon, we’ll tell you more about the endless wilderness of New Zealand.



Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: Joachim Rosenlund


6402 aspirants, 54 countries, 7 disciplines in the art of design: Last Friday, the 9th of march 2018, the futuristic BMW Welt in Munich hosted an exiting event: the awards ceremony of the famous iF Design Award. Over 2000 guests from 36 countries celebrated the best products.


This year, the prize – which has the reputation of an Oscar in the designer circles – was given to a new member of our smart e-bike lights series: the M99 MINI PRO-25. After having won the  Design&Innovation Award 2018, the bright front light is now experiencing a real wave of awards.

The event offers oscar-like characteristics: Each year, several key figures in the world of design forms part of the top-class jury that critically values which of the candidats are worthy of winning the trophy that is already awarded since 1953. Amongst the members there are internationally famous designers like the chef designer of Samsung. And the BMW Welt, being one of Germany’s monumental architectural celebrities, is obviously the adequate place to honour design ideas.



Quote from Charles Eames *


All different kinds of design are honoured at the iF Design award: From Architecture and Interior Architecture, Service Design, Professional Concepts and Communication up to Packaging and Product Design – the variety is huge. Not to mention the many subcategories of each discipline. Our M99 MINI PRO 25 received a prize in the discipline Product.


Winning the iF Design Award means a great honour to his bearers, just like wearing the iF Logo as a trademark for quality design. And we are happy in a double sense: We like to sell our products even more, if they are tested and approved by real experts. The submission for next year’s iF Design Award 2019 is already open – perhaps we take part another time…



Text: Myriel Hauser