A tough guy

Finally being treated with more respect in traffic! As an E-Bike rider, your speed is often underestimated due to your relaxed pedaling style. To prevent this from happening to you in the future, this compact front light offers an ideal solution: With up to 450 lumens and 150 lux, the extraordinarily wide and homogeneous low beam guarantees you the best possible safety at any speed. The unprecedented width of the light carpet provides ideal visibility even when cornering. Naturally approved by German road regulations.


Low beam 400 lm, 150 lx
Wattage low beam 5.2 W
High beam
Wattage high beam
Input voltage 5 V – 13.5 V DC
Approval K-mark
Leuchtmittel 5 automotive LEDs
L x W x H 37 x 78 x 50
Material Aluminum
Weight 110 g
Color Matte black
Warranty 3 years

M99 Tail light-25

As being the first road legal brake light for bicycles in Germany, the M99 Tail Light 25 takes safety for cyclists to a whole new level! With 85 cd, the tail light is six times brighter than the brightest road legal tail light on the market. Visible from over 900 m even during daytime!