M99 Tail Light-25


First brake light for bicycles

As being the first road legal brake light for bicycles in Germany, the M99 Tail Light 25 takes safety for cyclists to a whole new level! With 85 cd, the tail light is six times brighter than the brightest road legal tail light on the market. Visible from over 900 m even during daytime!

Don't be overlooked anymore!

Five highly efficient LEDs with Supernova’s own Twin Beam Technology provide maximum safety day and night. The three clear LEDs are visible from over 900 m even during daytime. The two red LEDs guarantee side visibility. The saltwater-resistant anodized aluminum is rugged and completely waterproof. The smart thermal connection of the housing to the LEDs provides efficient cooling and makes the extreme brightness possible.


All Supernova tail lights are equipped with Twin Beam technology. This highly efficient technology combines two different beam angles, so that you can be seen at any angle from behind, thereby enhancing your safety.


Housing material Aluminum
Weight 28 g
Candela 10 cd – 85 cd
WxHxD 22 x 61.5 x 11.6 mm
Power levels 12 V version 0.4 W / 2.1 W (brake light)
Signalling LEDs 5 mm custom made high power LEDs
Installation 50 mm distance / M4 thread
Approval K-mark
connection 3-wired (++-)
Warranty 5 years