E-Bike Lights 25km/h

E-Bike lights 25 km/h


We’ve packed the M99 Mini PRO with the same far-reaching and enormously wide light beam – which distinguishes its big brother – into an incredibly compact housing. Using the low beam, you can ride through the city without blinding anyone. Once you go offroad, you can change to the high beam at the push of a button.


We have reduced this front light to the essentials. The M99 MINI PURE is brighter than most motorcycle lights and spreads a carpet of light onto the road. It has the added advantage of being extremely easy to install.


Our smallest light with high beam. The new MINI 2 PRO outperforms everything we’ve ever developed in terms of compactness and extreme performance. In the brand-new version, we have refined this elegant, classic light with a phenomenal high beam of 550 lm.


This stylish light looks elegant because it is so compact. It can be installed in any position and will adorn any bicycle. The MINI 2 is compatible with virtually all popular E-Bike drives.



Ideal for the attachment to bicycle forks. The 235 lumens of the TERRAFLUX 4 lens illuminate the roadway perfectly. This front light with 5-21 volts can be mounted on almost all E-Bike drives. 


For E-Bike drives with 12-60 volts. Is has an on/off switch for all E-Bike drives, that do not have a switchable light connection and is one of the few front lights on the market which includes an integrated rear light connection. 

E3 Tail Light 2

If you own a high-performance front light, you’ll want to pair it with an equally superior tail light. This is why we’ve developed the amazing E3 Tail Light 2. Its Twin Beam technology offers an extremely bright power beam towards the back, as well as wide side beams with an angle of 250°.