E-Bike Lights 25km/h

E-Bike lights 25 km/h

M99 PURE / PURE+ (25 km/h)

The M99 PURE and PURE+ front light with German K-Mark offer the same daytime running light signature as the versions for 45 km/h E-Bikes. The daytime running mode nearly saves 50 % energy while ensuring a great visibility in traffic.


The M99 MINI is the world’s first front light with high and low beam compliant with the new German road laws in effect since June 2017. The revolutionary new law now permits a real high beam on bicyles and E-Bikes up to 25 km/h speed, like on cars!


Finally being treated with more respect in traffic! As an E-Bike rider, your speed is often underestimated due to your relaxed pedaling style. To prevent this from happening to you in the future, this compact front light offers an ideal solution.


This 2nd generation E-Bike front light combines our newest electronics with a record-breaking compact housing. The new low direct mount is ideally suited for a clean cockpit installation.


We go to great lengths to continually improve our lights and this front light is a good example. We’re particularly proud of the V521s front light. Based on the popular V6s housing, we’ve equipped the V521s with all new, versatile electronics that works flawlessly on 5 V USB power and on 6 V or 12 V E-Bike ports.


The award-winning and beautiful V6s E-Bike front light is a com- pact front light with a clean look which makes it easy to integrate it visually on your E-Bike. Its robust electronics has proven its durability in daily use for many years.It is specialized for connection to 6V DC.


No need to look any further. We have the perfect light for you. The V1260 front light is compatible with nearly every E-Bike. What is this all-rounder capable of? It can be connected to any of our Supernova tail lights, it is one of our brightest E-Bike lights and it comes with an inbuilt mechanical on/off switch.

E3 Tail Light 2

If you own a high-performance front light, you’ll want to pair it with an equally superior tail light. This is why we’ve developed the amazing E3 Tail Light 2. Its Twin Beam technology offers an extremely bright power beam towards the back, as well as wide side beams with an angle of 250°.