The world’s first headlight with high beam.

The M99 MINI PRO-25 is the world’s first front light with road legal high beam. Since the revolutionary new law, a real high beam is now allowed for bicyles and E-Bikes up to 25 km/h speed, like on cars! A high beam is essential for off-road use. It dramatically improves the illumination of corners and it illuminates low-hanging branches. With the integrated low beam, it is finally possible to ride home relaxed, without blinding oncoming traffic.
Supernova is starting a completely new trend with this front light: road legal lighting on an E-MTB!


50% smaller
40% lighter


The 1,150 lumen-strong high beam on the M99 MINI front light is achieved with a clever, patent-pending Matrix of 10 LEDs without any movable mirrors. This makes this front light extremely small, especially when you realize that it practically has car headlight technology inside. The intelligent processor-controlled electronics makes the installation very easy because the drive system is recognized and the best possible power setting is automatically chosen. This makes the M99 MINI PRO-25 compatible with virtually every E-Bike motor with 5 V, 6 V or 12 V light port. The M99 MINI PURE-45 is specialized for 12 V DC.



Low beam 450 lm, 150 lx
High beam 1150 lm, 260 lx
Wattage low beam 5 V: 5.2 W / 6 V: 5.2 W / 12 V: 5.2
Wattage high beam 5 V: 12 W / 6 V: 7,5 W / 12 V: 17 W*
Input voltage 5 V – 12 V DC
Approvals German K-number
Illuminant 10 automotive LEDs
 L x W x H 37 x 78 x 50 mm
Weight 125 g
Color Matte black
Warranty 3 years

* Automatic power adaption to the port power. This means that the light will have more power on a 12 V port than on a 6 V port.

Low Beam

High Beam

M99 MINI PRO-25 MonkeyLink

MonkeyLink is a revolutionary new connection standard for mechanical and electronic components for E-Bikes. It allows you to install a light in the blink of an eye without having to connect any cables. This makes the first installation and the exchange of lights easy as child’s play. Naturally, for the permanent use of the light on your bike there is also an anti-theft function. With the M99 MINI PRO and the MINI 2, we offer our newest E-Bike lights for the 25 km/h category with the MonkeyLink adapter.

Integrated cables with power supply

SUPERNOVA high beam switch

Perfectly integrated into the clamps of a brake lever, the Supernova high beam switches create a clean cockpit, avoiding the installation of additional clamps. The robust composite material is UV resistant, impervious to corrosion and much lighter than aluminum.


The robust composite material is UV resistant, impervious to corrosion and much lighter than aluminum. Designed to withstand 500,000 use cycles, the switches, as well as the housings are sealed against even the worst conditions in compliance with IP67 requirements. Waterproof connectors allow for a tool-free installation. The ergonomically positioned switches can be activated intuitively without letting go of the grips, so riders stay in control of the bike and can focus their attention on the road ahead.

M99 Tail Light-25

As being the first road legal brake light for bicycles in Germany, the M99 Tail Light 25 takes safety for cyclists to a whole new level! With 85 cd, the tail light is six times brighter than the brightest road legal tail light on the market. Visible from over 900 m even during daytime!