Please note: The Bluetooth sensor is located in the battery, not in the headlight.

  • Please check if Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile phone.
  • Please check if the B54 battery is connected to the SUPERNOVA UPDATE app or the SUPERNOVA B54 app. The battery can only be connected to one app at a time.
  • If you are using a smartphone with an Android operating system, please make sure that location sharing is enabled. Even though Supernova doesn’t use the location, the setting is necessary.
  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest SUPERNOVA B54 app or SUPERNOVA UPDATE app on your phone. Go to the App Store or Google Playstore and check if you have the latest version.  In the preferences, you can also set your phone to download app updates automatically.
  • If you can connect to the SUPERNOVA UPDATE app, please check if a new firmware update is available for your battery.
  • If this does not work, please restart the app and try connecting again.


  • The precise Battery Fuel Gauge Controller calculates the lighting time. Many factors are taken into account, for example, the temperature of the battery, etc. The controller always uses the average values of the current power consumption. The lighting time is calculated after 60 seconds, using the average values just measured. To determine the remaining burn time as accurately as possible, always use the lighting times that are determined 60 seconds after switching on or switching over.
  • If the battery is completely new, the controller needs some time to “get to know” the battery. Each charge and discharge cycle increases the accuracy of the remaining lighting time. It is advantageous to use all light levels for a few minutes.
  • Please check via the Supernova Update App if a new firmware update is available for your battery.
  • The battery is automatically calibrated when fully charged. Leave the battery on the charger for at least 6 hours and charge with the LONGLIFE mode switched off. The B54 battery has integrated cell balancing. This means that each cell is individually monitored and is balanced 100% with the other cells in the battery pack. The cell balancing starts when the battery is fully charged.
  • Another calibration option is as follows: Discharge the light system completely. The best way to do this is to use the standard high beam mode. Do not switch off the light even if the headlight goes into reserve mode. As soon as the light switches off automatically, you can recharge it. It is important to recharge the battery within 24 hours, if possible. Please do not use the LONGLIFE mode. Charge the battery for at least 6 hours.
  • Please check via the Supernova Update App to see if a new firmware update is available for your battery.

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