Supernova Philosophy

Quality, Design, Enthusiasm

Our motivation is to inspire people to take up cycling by creating products with outstanding product design, highest quality and longevity and thereby to make your mobility even safer. Cycling is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly means of transport. Every mile ridden on a bike saves car miles. Not only is cycling a healthy way of exercising for people of all ages, it is also fun. For us, cycling is a lifestyle. We are proud to be a small part of the great movement that tries to save our precious planet, not only for ourselves but also for future generations. 

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Sustainability is one of the most important pillars of our business philosophy. The protection of the environment is very important to us and shapes our core values forming an integral part of all our actions. We seek to make our world and that of our children a better and cleaner place. In making appealing products that make cycling safer, we want to inspire people to be motivated to use their bikes. In this way, we promote sustainability and make our contribution to a better future. We are keen to inspire our colleagues, friends and business partners to follow our lead. We take corporate social responsibility seriously and strive to do our best in every way. This means being creative and aiming for improvements in everything we do. We can all make a difference! 

Our products are designed to have a long lifespan and we use eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

Our production in Gundelfingen, Germany, uses green energy, like wind power, hydroelectric power, solar energy, and biogas.

None of our products contain PVC. PVC is classified as carcinogenic and produces highly toxic dioxins when incinerated.

When you order one of our products, it will reach you via carbon neutral shipment and with eco-friendly packaging.

Environmental awareness begins with each of us. That’s why most of our employees come to work by bike. 


Supernova has developed and produced high-performance bicycle lights for over 20 years. The performance criteria for the craftsmanship and design of the lights are incredibly exacting. Another specialty and strength of the development of lighting systems at Supernova is the high value placed on the practical use in all stages of development. Since all developers and, most notably, the company owner himself, are passionate cyclists, the practical benefit to the rider is always our focus. Some of our developers are experienced 24-hour racers and enjoy taking off their lab coats and jumping onto their bikes to test our new prototypes. The feedback of extreme cyclists is also very valuable for us and helps us improve our products even further. Quality and the best possible functionality are our priority. You’ll never find an inferior product at Supernova. With our three-year warranty, we guarantee our products for one year longer than required by German law. Some of our lighting systems have been proving themselves in tough outdoor conditions for more than 15 years. For these products, we provide a five year warranty. 


Whether you use our lighting systems for everyday cycling or for extremely challenging rides, your Supernova light won’t let you down. We go far beyond the standard tests normally applied in the bicycle industry and simulate all kinds of adverse conditions to make sure that our lights excel in all circumstances. You can trust that they will function reliably when you need them the most. Through the years, we have progressively developed more complex testing procedures to make our products especially durable and robust. The result: our high-performance lighting systems are not only efficient and of the highest quality, they also have an extremely long lifespan. Guaranteed! 

Supernova Design

Led by Dipl. Designer Marcus Wallmeyer, Supernova Design offers the full range of the design process, starting with the first sketch up to series production. “My job is more than just my dream job,” says Marcus. “I’m passionate about good design and together with my talented team we can help you bring your product to the market successfully.