Supernova friends with AKTIONfahrRAD

The earlier, the better! Supernova supports the initiative AKTIONfahrRAD in being a member of their circle of friends. Thereby we are supporting a good cause: The initiative wants to inspire young people’s interest in cycling.

SUPERNOVA LIGHTS and AKTIONfahrRAD are friends now

Independence, movement, fun – get your bike ready! Together with their partners, the initiative AKTIONfahrRAD realizes ideas to entice youngsters to take up cycling. Whether they provide bikes for schools, qualify teachers for cycling activities with students or organize technical training for the kids with the world champion in mountain biking – the goal remains the same. And good ideas need strong partners. The more people get excited about cycling at an early age, the better for their health and the environment. One of the latest activities is the youth project The climate friendly project Klimatour of the FahrRad! campaign, where young people can register as a group or school class and the one that cycled the most kilometers wins a prize. Of course, all the prices have to do with cycling. And at the German School Championship on 22 September 2018 in Rappershausen, Bavaria, schools from all federal states will meet to determine the German School Champion MRB.

The German bicycle nation can be even more enthusiastic

There are currently 78 million bicycles in Germany. And that with just about 83 million inhabitants. The Ministry of Transport called Germany a “bicycle nation”. Every two years, together with the German Bicycle Club ADFC, they conduct the Bicycle Monitor, a survey that asks German citizens about their habits, wishes and preferences for cycling. According to the results of the bicycle monitor, the majority of German citizens could travel the daily distances by bike. In practice, more than half of Germans like to ride their bikes, but a good third rarely uses their bikes. And almost half of them do not feel safe cycling. Projects such as the AKTIONfahrRAD, which is committed to bringing cycling closer to the kids and promoting projects for safe cycling in schools, are therefore extremely useful.

Together in a joint missionSupernova supports AKTIONfahrRAD cheering kids

It is our mission too to motivate people to take up cycling. Moving by bike is not only good for your health, but also for the environment. For this reason, we at Supernova develop outstanding products because we want bikers to be safe, no matter what time of year and what weather conditions. And therefore, it is a great pleasure to us to support smart projects as AKTIONfahrRAD!

Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: AKTIONfahrRAD