Supernova M99 MINI PRO wins German Innovation Award

GIA Technisches Museum Berlin

And the series continues! The M99 MINI PRO is honored with the German Innovation Award. This is the fourth honoration for the world’s first front light providing high beam for E-Bikes. At the festivities on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, our front light was rewarded out of the 650 competitors. More than 250 guests from the spheres of economy, politics and the media followed the exclusive invitation into the Museum of Technology in Berlin.

The aim of the German Innovation Award is to honor innovative products that are created on the principle of sustainability. Sector giants, hidden champions or start-ups – they all share one characteristic. A solution, a detail innovation or a service with a real added value for the users. “We are absolutely enthusiastic about the quality of the applicants”, Andrej Kupetz says. For the managing director of the German Design Council innovation is one of the decisive factors to promote on the global market. Among the products you can find bionic gloves, cleaning technologies, fibers for 3D printing, an EV charging station, coffee lemonade, an IoT platform – or high-tech bicycle illumination like the M99 MINI PRO.

The evaluated criteria are for example the degree of innovation, the user value or the economic efficiency. The innovation strategy should take into account aspects like the social, ecological and economical sustainability, the efficient use of energy and resources. Also factors like product durability, market maturity, technical quality and function, material quality, synergy effects and the work place conditions play a significant role in the decision-making process. Amongst the top-class jury that critically valued our M99 MINI PRO there were physicists, patent consultants, computer scientists, finance experts, product designers, technology historians and marketeers. “We want to guarantee an individual, neutral and professional evaluation”, Kupetz emphasizes.


Text: Myriel Hauser/ German Innovation Award Ι Pictures: Marcus Wallmeyer/ German Innovation Award

Bikepacking meets Supernova Lights

Part I: A family’s adventure to the other end of the world


3,000 km, 2 bicycles, 1 infant, 1 plan and 7 Supernova products – What many other bikepackers would never dare to do, Bombtrackteamrider Joachim Rosenlund’s family just embarked on. They are cycling through New Zealands wilderness for two months – with a small child.

Joachim, his wife Melanie and their meanwhile one-year old daughter Alva have the best cycling equipment with them: The Supernova Lights mounted on their high tech bikes illuminate every corner of the New Zealand Outback during night and day. On board: E3 Triple 2, Airstream and Aistream Tail Light, E3 PRO 2 with E3 Tail Light and The Plug.

There is enought nature to discover in the country of the kiwi birds: Turquoise coloured glacial lakes, high mountains and vast beaches. Enjoy solitude and unique remote landscapes? Nothing easier than that! New Zealand impresses with a country surface as big as Great Britain, shared by only 4.3 million of inhabitants. And 30 million of sheep. A piece of land perfectly suitable for the Rosenlunds’ project.

The route of the three family members follows a simple concept: Gravel Travel, meaning travelling while going astray, far from civilisation and its highways, citys and tourists spots. For that, they are willing to accept a detour or even a turning back. The peaceful vastness of New Zealand is definitely worth the way. Most of the times, they spend entirely three or four days touring in the outback, until another food ration runs out. The small family passes its nights sleeping in a tent or in one of the many small hunters’ huts, some even equipped with fireplaces. In order to do so, the cycling family is taking their time for the tour and enjoying it at a leisurely pace. Time to admire beautiful nature around you – and especially to enjoy watching your little daughter growing and exploring. In order to be well illuminated even after the tour, the Airstream is the perfect partner. By charging The Plug during daytime cycling, the bright light can be easily charged without having any socket.

It has been approximately six weeks since the adventurers started exploring the small insular state in the Southern Pacific, including the well-known Rainbow Road. The 112 km dirt road lies on New Zealand’s Southern island and stretches from Hanmer Springs to St. Arnaud and is famous for its stunning variety of landscapes, from grassland to screes along the Clarence River until the the rugged mountains of the Wairau catchment. The weather conditions can be difficult – often the Rainbow Station in charge declares a warning and informs about one’s own risk to do the trail.

Soon, we’ll tell you more about the endless wilderness of New Zealand.



Text: Myriel Hauser Ι Pictures: Joachim Rosenlund