M99 Tail Light 2


The M99 Tail Light 2 PRO is the first street legal tail light with a perfect homogeneous light signature. The luminance of the outer light contour with High Density LED technology is an absolute novelty and the visibility from different angles remains consistently high in contrast to conventional taillights. The aluminum body is a structural part of the luggage rack. The PRO version of the M99 Tail Light 2 also has an integrated brake light. This is controlled by brake levers with signal switches, such as the Magura MTe series.




E-Bike Lights 45 km/h

E-bikes are fast and silent. But these features also make the rider vulnerable because your speed is often underestimated. The quality of the lighting is therefore very important by day and by night. Years of experience have shown us which lighting systems are needed to overcome this challenge.

E-Bike Lights 25 km/h

Only a wide and far-reaching beam can turn a fast ride into a safe ride. In the dark it is crucial that E-Bike riders recognize obstacles early on and even in daytime, it is vital to be registered by surrounding traffic as a fast-moving vehicle. With Supernova E-Bike lights you can start enjoying your ride and feel safe!

Dynamo Lights

No matter whether you need it for your everyday use or on your travels, it is ready when you are – without further maintenance. Almost magically, it provides you with unlimited light. Because the power is self-generated, dynamo lights are totally eco-friendly so you can turn on your light without a guilty conscience even during daylight for additional safety.

Battery Lights

No matter whether we cycle in bright urban traffic, along dark rural paths or on lonely roads far off from civilization – at night, we want safety through visibility.

Tail Lights

If you own a high-performance front light, you’ll want to pair it with an equally superior tail light.


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Supernova Philosophy

We want to motivate people to take up cycling by creating products with excellent design, highest quality, and longevity to increase their safety. The bicycle is the most economical means of transport and every mile ridden on a bike saves car miles. Moreover, it is healthy and cost-efficient. For us, cycling is a lifestyle. We’re proud to be a small part of the big movement to save our precious planet, not only for ourselves but for future generations.

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