Das Atlas Mountain Race 2024 - Zauberhaft, aber unberechenbar!

The Atlas Mountain Race 2024 - Enchanting, yet unpredictable!


The start being postponed due to heavy rain and the race being partially redirected to alternate routes. Conditions varying from damp to dry, with sandy air prevailing. The Atlas Mountain Race truly offers an experience that engages all the senses. It is an enchanting yet unpredictable journey through old mule tracks, rough gravel, and green oases.

As a monument for the off-road bikepacking scene, this race presents one of the most unpredictable mountainbike challenges one can face within a week of racing. Spanning over 1,300 kilometers and featuring more than 21,000 meters of elevation gain, it sets the stage for many unexpected twists and turns.

The race takes place far away from civilization, making logistics a significant challenge for participants. Steep trails reaching up to 2,600 meters and then descending again create extraordinary race dynamics and unforeseen developments. Simply completing this race is a remarkable achievement, and this year, only slightly more than half of the riders—138 out of 226 starters—reached the finish line. It's worth mentioning that many of them were equipped with SUPERNOVA lighting :)

Now, let's dive into some of the most remarkable stories from the race. Enjoy!

Nearly untouchable on his third attempt - Justinas Leveika dominates in his own league in 2024

After crashing in his first attempt in 2022 and finishing second last year, Justinas emerged as the winner this year, reaching the finish line in a remarkable time of 3 days, 19 hours, and 26 minutes. Undoubtedly, this edition of the race was his hardest-fought one yet, as he faced strong competition throughout the entire event. Initially, Mattia de Marchi was one of his biggest rivals – more on that later – and in the middle part of the race, he had to relinquish the lead to Namibian rider Drikus Coetzee. Drikus stayed hot on his heels even after a break but had to abandon the race due to dehydration and a crash. It's unfortunate to drop out so close to the finish line. However, it worked in Justinas' favor as he had a comfortable lead over the second-placed Ulrich Bartholmös. Justinas always displayed his wry smile in every situation and never took himself too seriously, even when pushing his limits. It's certainly a winning recipe for such a challenging race. Hats off