Die unendliche Geschichte - ein jahrelanges Abenteuer auf zwei Rädern

The Infinite Journey - A Multi-Year Adventure on Two Wheels


We are excited to introduce you to another adventurer and globetrotter: Ezequiel Gignone from Argentina has been continuously cycling for almost 6 years and has already covered over 25.000 kilometers. He just keeps riding and riding. Since early 2023 he has had an M99 DY PRO dynamo frontlight and an E3 TL2 rear light on board.

His journey began in Ecuador, led through South America and eventually became a world tour. He lives on a budget of only 10 euros per day and sleeps in a tent. Cycling gave him his freedom back after a difficult youth and above all his charismatic smile.

Ezequiel finds it particularly great that with the M99 DY PRO and the attached E3 Tail Light he doesn't have to worry about a battery and charging options. He is even more impressed with the DY PRO's high beam. "I've never felt so safe riding in the dark before," he says. "You have to test it yourself to know just how good the high beam really is." Especially on the unknown, rough terrain that the globetrotter experiences every day, it makes a difference - in the most literal way - like day and night.

Ezequiel has already crossed over 20 countries - and the number is constantly increasing. On his tour he has already had some extraordinary encounters.

Probably the most impressive was the Italian "Nonna" near Venice who invited him home for dinner after seeing his videos on TikTok. Not too long ago, his travel companion Manchita, a small dog he had rescued from the street in Ecuador, died of a tick infection.

So this "being cared for" came at just the right moment. The old lady was delighted that he was at her table. "Mangia, mangia!" , in English "Eat, eat!", she kept saying.

Ezequiel was last spotted in Turkey. His next destination is uncertain because he plans his route spontaneously. In any case, it should continue eastward, he says. He dreams of someday exploring every country in the world by bike. Secretly, he probably also dreams of never stopping his bike tour.

Ezequiel's everyday life is followed by hundreds of thousands from all over the world on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. His followers often donate money to finance his equipment and repairs. We are happy to now also belong to his supporters and hope that his bike lights will accompany him on all his future adventures.

We will keep you updated on Ezequiel's crazy journey on Instagram and Facebook! Stay tuned and follow him on Insta ...

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