Get out of your daily routine and into adventure! 

Join our employees once again this winter on their daily commute to work. Whether athletic or relaxed - there is something for everyone. Take a deep breath, clear your head, and enjoy nature - all that awaits you on the way to work when you switch to biking. See what gear our colleagues use on their commutes. Get inspired and find out what you would most like to commute with.

The best thing is to try it out yourself! Break out of your daily grind, into adventure, and experience the freedom of two wheels anew every morning. We look forward to accompanying you on the way to a shared green future!

Sebastian, 46 years old, Accounting

Why do you bike commute / what is the biggest advantage for you?

There are several reasons: First of all, you keep yourself fit and use the commuting time for exercise. That way, you already arrive at work refreshed and awake in the morning without needing a coffee to wake up. You also save hard cash if - like in my case - it replaces a car (just think of insurance, taxes, repairs, gas, etc.). You don't waste time stuck in traffic jams. On quiet farm roads, you can relax or ponder things you barely take time for otherwise. And environmental protection is an added bonus.


How long is your commute and what is the route profile?

Currently 17.3 kilometers with 52 meters of elevation gain. The route from Opfingen via March to Gundelfingen consists mainly of farm roads, some bike paths and side streets, all paved.

What kind of bike do you ride?

I use two different bikes for commuting: A 17 year old velomobile called go-one3 by Beyss Leichtfahrzeuge. It is a fully enclosed recumbent bike. This allows me to combine cycling with good protection from cold, rain, snow or wind. In the warmer seasons, I like to use an S-pedelec (Super Commuter) by Trek, because it can get quite hot in the velomobile and the pleasant rushing wind is missing.


Do you also ride in winter or in bad weather? 

Yes, I especially ride the velomobile to work in the colder seasons, in transition periods or in bad weather. I do have appropriate winter and protective clothing, but I tend to use that more for recreational rides.

What (seasonal) equipment is an absolute must?

Multi tool (rarely needed but extremely helpful when it is), sunglasses in summer as insect protection. Also first aid kit, pump, patch kit, spare tube. What else do you carry? Laptop, charger, lunch box, fresh change of office clothes.

What Supernova light do you have / do you like to ride the most?

On the velomobile a Mini 2 Pro, on the S-pedelec a M99 Pro (I find a high beam extremely important in rural areas). On other recreational bikes I use an E3 Pro or Airstream 2.

What tips do you have for someone who also wants to start bike commuting soon?

Try it on nice weather days and - if you like it - gradually increase. With e-bikes, distances are not really an obstacle anymore in most cases. For clothing, a layering system (with multiple thin layers) is always a good idea. 

A special highlight for our commuters every year is the STADTRADELN event, where the goal is to bike extra much for 21 days to draw attention to mobility beyond combustion engines. Each time, insane mileage battles ensue within the team. In the Stadtradeln rankings of the municipality and beyond, SUPERNOVA is therefore always easily at the top. 

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